Text: Mark, Musik: Pulverdingen9, 2018

Liebe kann man nicht planen, Liebe kommt einfach. Und es sind nicht immer die netten Mädchen, in die wir uns verlieben.


Erster Versuch - noch ohne Sologitarre und mit Bass out of Time und Voice off key. Aber man erkennt schon, was es werden soll.


Lookout she said surfing overhead
Tubular clouds dancing an Irish jig
A glass in her hand whiskey to the brim
I fell in love we ran hand in hand

She taught me how to steal and how to carry my weight
She made a man of me learned to shoot straight
First time she killed it was an old man
She smiled and said 'he had it coming'.

I'm on the run with a devil so sweet
She speaks like an angel, she steals like a thief
We're on the road to hell my devil and me
I'll love her till the end of life drowning in the sea

The '65 falcon with clipped wings we drive
Sailing on love and two speed power glide
Pulling into heaven to find locks on the gate
We take the other road, love fills our days